6/28/05overdue xbox 360 announcement post

its pretty cool i guess

sux i wasnt at e3 this year


on the one day that im supposed to be drunk as all hell i havent had an ounce of alcohol yet

do people from ireland actually celebrate this holiday


i know a bit shy of 800 places, or about 200 or so before i run out of breath

i guess since theres no way to prove it on here:
at around digit 760 or so is a string of six 9s
so u can learn pi up to that point and just pretend it repeats from then on


need i say more

2/27/05i'm supposed to be studying

2/14/05love is in the air

and vodka is in my mouth

2/11/05heyyyyyy quRL

oh hey look i have a blog now
im not a writer or anything, just a girl that plays games

how many layers of flannel do u have on rn