counter terrorists win

5/14/2005hang ten

"sweet!" "totally"

5/4/2005feeling twitchy

5/2/2005gg ez

4/25/2005he really asked for it

4/23/2005not cobble, but kabul

4/15/2005@valve bring the chickens back

4/14/2005condition zero

this game comes too little too late
and there was supposed to be a story campaign and everything too

still just as addicting as 1.6

4/6/2005nothing's fine, i'm de_torn

i'm all out of faith
this is how i feel
i'm cold and i am shamed
lying naked on the floor
illusion never changed
into something real
im wide awake and i can see
the perfect sky is torn
you're a little late
i'm already torn

3/25/2005ave maria

3/20/2005trippa keel

3/13/2005muzzle flashes are cool

still find it weird that the guns dont make any smoke in this game

3/12/2005i think i see now why everyone hates this map

verticality, confusing passageways, no markings and apparently the doors change randomly every round

i do like the look though

3/2/2005@rg since when did yall have torn

and still no italy

2/28/2005de_cpl_mill, but with doors

shoutout to brutesmaps for this fun little map


i think when i get a bit more folks on this page ima do a little miniseries on game strats or some forgotten cs history


2/15/2005css, not to be confused with the styling language

2/13/2005a late night with a couple of washed up cpl vets

2/12/2005guess who's back

havent played cs in a hot minute