1/1/06so let's give it up for the new year

12/24/05x'ed mas

"put christ back in christmas," they say as they hang up their yule wreaths and wrap their saturnalia gifts

all i want this year is a hot girl to kiss under the mistletoe

12/3/05it's that time of year again

technically for us christmas started in september

11/24/05the giving of thanks

being azn i never really understood why thanksgiving was even a thing besides an excuse to skip school
but come to think of it i think my people relate to the holiday in all the wrong ways

10/31/05all hallows' even

i went as the nurse from the blink 182 enema album cover

isnt it weird that the folks that think "happy holidays" is ruining christmas are the same ones attacking halloween

10/24/05nobody likes you when you're 23

flannel cake for me

6/28/05overdue xbox 360 announcement post

its pretty cool i guess


on the one day that im supposed to be drunk as all hell i havent had an ounce of alcohol yet

do people from ireland actually celebrate this holiday


i know a bit shy of 800 places, or about 200 or so before i run out of breath

i guess since theres no way to prove it on here:
at around digit 760 or so is a string of six 9s
so u can learn pi up to that point and just pretend it repeats from then on


need i say more

2/27/05i'm supposed to be studying

2/14/05love is in the air

and vodka is in my mouth

2/11/05heyyyyyy quRL

oh hey look i have a blog now
im not a writer or anything, just a girl that plays games

how many layers of flannel do u have on rn